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Pushpam started operations of its group since 1966. Pushpam’s vision and extraordinary efforts of the professional team members have symbolize the goodwill and trust standing behind group today. Pushpam firmly and strongly believes that the whole group could thrive and grow in this market of competition, only by following the path of 'Trust', 'Expertise'  and ‘consistency’.

The visionary team behind Pushpam Group, put ingenuity and untiring efforts into it, nurturing the company with hard work and professional approach. It was based firmly on the grounds of Trust, Expertise and Relationships. And today, the vision has materialized as Pushpam Group- A modern thinking professional company branched – out into a diverse group of interests.

The Pushpam  Group stands tall today with the support of like - minded visionaries and innovators who believe in growth, global reach through strong partnership networks, professional approach and hard work.

At Pushpam, we believe everyone should have access to quality. We promise to deliver high reliability and a responsible attitude to our customers.

Our main purpose of existence, simply put, reads 'quality without compromise'.
We strive to be perceptive and understand the customer's needs before he does, and deliver.
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